Easy essay on lahore city

easy essay on lahore city

food, clothing, films, music, fashion and a liberal community lifestyle attracts many from all over the country. There are no no-go areas, unlike in Karachi or some parts of KPK, Ive been warned by people to avoid using my phone in public in Karachi even during the day! Chandigarhs main attraction is the Sukhna Lake which is an artificial lake in sector. We shopped and ate and had a lot of fun during that time. It is the best place to relax and unwind. Historically, it is said to be about 2000 years old. It came to be known as Haryana. 7 Lahore is Pakistan's top educational center.

Known as the cultural capital or the Heart of dissertation binding cheap Pakistan for the same reason, the city has been the seat to The Mughal Empire, the Sikh Empire and the capital of Punjab in the Mahmud Ghaznavi's Empire (11th century) and the British Empire. You can crack a joke with an absolute stranger, be it a shopkeeper, a rickshaw driver, a policeman or any passerby and enjoy the company of a hearty laugh! The main reason is because of the strong influence of many famous Sufi saints who lived here in the past. My Early Memories of Lucknow, we lived in a joint family. Qutub Minar Yet another architectural brilliance, Qutub Minar is also made of red sand stone.

easy essay on lahore city

It is the capit al of the province of Punjab. It is also known as the City of Gardens because of its many.